Black Olive Tapenade
Can be used as dip, spread or seasoning in your cuisine
Made with love in Byron Bay

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Black Olive Tapenade Made By “The Byron Bay Olive Company”

The Black Olive Tapenade is a traditional Provencal dish made out olives, that we smashed or chopped. Them we seasoned the Black Olive Tapenade with some spices, herbs, Garlic.
It is a popular food in the south of France. Where it is generally eaten as an hors d’œuvre, spread on bread. Sometimes it is also used to stuff poultry of fish for a main course. Here in Australia, popular as a dip, our customers loves also using it as :

-a pesto in pastas

– a pizza base,

– a spread to join the classic breaky avo & eggs on toast.

You will appreciate the unique flavours of “Herbs de Provence” added in the seasoning which makes a real difference. Then a smooth and fresh texture, It will combine perfectly spreaded on a cucumber slice for example.

For most of our customers also, it is the perfect dip which will go with some good cheese and some nice wine. Everything shared with friends for a delight moment.

We also make a traditional Green Olive or a Black Chilli Tapenade, You can find there also on our website

You can find out more how to use it following one of our recipes

Made locally with love & passion in Byron Bay

The History :

Olive smashed with anchovies and/or vinegar are ubiquitous in Italian cuisine and are documented in ancient Roman cookbooks dating back thousands of years before the appearance of the Occitan word tapenadé. One of the earliest known tapenade recipe, Olivarum conditurae, appears in Columella’s De re Rustica, written in the first century. Cato the Elder (234–149 B.C) includes a recipe for Epityrum, an olive spread very like a tapenade, in chapter 119 of his “On Agriculture.”

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