Marinated Olives

Herbs & Garlic Marinated Kalamata

The pitted Kalamata is one of the most popular. We spice them up with basil, parsley and garlic marinade. You will taste the perfect combination of these herbs. This is a great olive for fresh appetizers, pastas or pizzas. As a brand specialised in marinated olives we use different spices blend for each one. We select the right herbs and spices depending on the olive's texture and its variety.

Chilli Marinated Kalamata

Using the same variety of olive, we select in that case another mix of herbs from Provence and a little bit of chilly spices. Always trying to use the perfect amount of chilly for people who don’t like hot taste . When you try these olives you won’t taste the chilly until the end.

Made with black pepper, jalapeños.

Marinated Sicilians

Preserved lemon, rosemary and thyme
This is another one of our favorites. While there are a lot of different green olives, we chose Sicilian olives because they are less salty than others. The olives are combined with preserved lemon, rosemary and thyme. We select the best locally grown lemons and make our own preserved lemons to give these olives their distinctive flavour.

Marinated Dried Olives

This is an unusual variety of olives in Australia – that’s why you don’t see them often but they are a beloved staple of the Greek diet. These olives are delicately marinated in Moroccan spices and are perfect for cooking. The texture and flavour is different from the original, as ours  have a distinctive soft texture.

ORGANIC Australian Cocktail Mix

This mix regroup 6 different Australian Organic Olives : black and green manzanillo, wild, palermo, wallis, and corregiola olives. All these olives are locally ground all from the same farm down in Wagga Wagga area. Certify organic, these olives are marinated with a special spices blend, from a chef legacy : made out of twelve herbs and spices.