Our tapenades

Detour en provencce

Black Tapenade

Tapenades are the perfect product for your daily diet. A natural, fresh and healthy paste made from chopped olives and marinated with herbs from Provence. Ideal for both vegans and gluten intolerents. Our tapenades are extremely versatile and can be used as salad dressing, dips, spreads and in hundreds of recipes. Excellent choice for kids and catering as well.

Black Tapenade Chilli

This tapenade will give you an extra protein hit !

As with our chilli Kalamata olives, expect a mild spiciness which will allow you to savour the mix of herbs and the chilli aftertaste. Ideal for chilli lovers.


Green Tapenade

A distinctive olive paste made from green manzanillo olives which are a typical Spanish variety. This tapenade is marinated with garlic, basil and other herbs. Our green tapenade is saltier than our black tapenade and can be used as a dip, a spread or in salads.