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Byron Bay Olive Co

Sweet Garlic

The Sweet Garlic is our top seller of the year. Pickled and marinated with a special spices blend, made out of twelve herbs and spices. It is a surprising and unique product due to the authentic family recipe.

You can use it the same way you use olives: on cheese plateau, salad, pasta or use it in your recipe as you like.

If you haven't tried, you must do it. 

Marinated Olives

 Marinated, bottled and packed in Byron Bay, our olives reflect the unique role that small, committed producers play in setting quality and flavour standards. Here you will find all the different marinades and products that we make. Our olives are so popular because they are unique with a special taste and lots of spices. We always try to use local products but we use provencal herbs to give you the traditional french flavour.  You can taste it in our local markets,  in our Deli Shop, in Byron or do your shopping online.


Australian cuisine is changing, that’s why we are introducing new flavors and ingredients. Tapenade is a famous paste dip made from olives, really healthy, vegan, and gluten free.  We have them in 3 versions: Black Tapenade, Green Tapenade and Black Tapenade with Chilli. Click on “more” to see all of them.

Preserved lemon

Preserved lemons are a staple of Moroccan and sometimes other African cuisine.
We source our lemons locally in the Byron Bay area ; they are grown
following organic principles. Their flavor comes from hints of spices & fresh herbs picked up locally too.