Our story

From France to Australia

In France

Sanary-sur-Mer, South of France … beautiful little coastal town in the heart of Provence Cote d’Azur is home to Antoine’s family and their unique stall of local products on the daily farmer’s market, since 1989.
Claire & Hervé, Antoine’s parents, have created and developped over the years one of the most colourful and tasteful displays of local specialties.
From the main products such as marinated seasonned olives, featuring over 15 differents flavours, to their great range of tapenades and homemade veggie dips, along with all the different herbs & spices: more than a 100 ! They also sell dried fruits and other little treasures such as antipasti and poutargue that you couldn’t find anywhere else. This little stall has to be the most diverse of the mediteranean coast.
From a very young age, Antoine was always hanging around this very special market’s atmosphere and  naturally started helping out his parents during weekends and school holidays, allowing him get the knowledge and develop his commercial skills all along his teenage years, until he was mature enough to take over and run the business on his own when that was required.

Cocktails du Midi is nowadays one of the most notorious markets stalls in Cote D’Azur.


In Australia

The story begins in the northerns rivers around Mullumbimby, where the same little guy, Antoine, arrived in December 2015 from France with the objective of travelling for a year before going back home to follow up on the family business. 
After a couple of months, he  travelled down to Sydney, where he realised that his place was in Byron Bay, no matter what the other parts of Australia could offer him.
 So when he came back in the area, Antoine had various casual jobs here and there, but nothing really exciting. One day, he found himself strawling around a local market, that’s when he realised that no one was offering marinated olives or tapenades as good as he was able to make. 
After a little survey, he decided to invest all his savings (which were not a lot) and start a little olive stall on local community markets.

Towards the end of May 2016, he started on the Bangalow Market, where he sold out. Very surprised by the feedbacks from the first customers, he decided to quit his current jobs and get fully into it. 
After a year, his partner Xenia, sharing the same feeling of participating in the involvement of food culture in Australia, decided to join the adventure. 
Still operating on locals markets, today Detour en Provence, which became “The Byron Bay Olives Company” produces some of the best marinated olives, homemade Tapenades or others Mediterranean products like marinated Feta or sun dried tomatoes. With an authentic taste comparable to the one you could only find in the south of France.